Kirtan Offerings

Open up your heart to the Divine with the sacred vibrations of devotional Kirtan chanting

Raas Leela Kirtana offers uplifting spiritual Kirtan music concerts that help to open up the heart to the Divine by using the ancient art of superconscious chanting which helps to quiet the mind by interiorizing it with the internal divine vibrations that result from deep concentrated devotional chanting. This ancient art is a very efficient meditative practice that was developed by the ancient rishis since times immemorial and which they introduced to the world as a scientific form of Bhakti Yoga which helps to attune man's consciousness with the primordial vibratory sound of AUM. In the book Cosmic Chants by Paramahansa Yogananda, who brought the ancient yoga science of meditation from his native India to the West, he gives the following definition of the science behind superconscious chanting: "Superconscious chanting is that in which internal chanting vibrations are converted into realization and are established in the superconscious, subconscious, and conscious minds. Holding the attention unbrokenly on the real Cosmic Vibration, AUM or OM, not on an imaginary or an outward sound, is the beginning of real superconscious chanting".  When the mind becomes concentrated in the repetition of these chants or mantras the consciousness gradually becomes still and is not ruffled by the restlessness of the ordinary conscious state in which the senses are constantly turned outwards to the material plane of peception. When this stillness of consciousness is thus achieved the soul is able to rest quietly in the bliss of Spirit and to experience the plane of spiritual perception by communing with the cosmic vibration of AUM which is the universal vibration of light and sound pervading the whole creation.

What is Kirtan?

In the book Autobiography of a Yogi  by Paramahansa Yogananda he describes Kirtan in the following words: "The sankirtans or musical gatherings are an effective form of yoga or spiritual discipline, necessitating intense concentration, absorption in the seed thought and sound. Because man himself is an expression of the Creative Word, sound exercises on him a potent and immediate effect. Great religious music of the East and West bestows joy on man because it causes a temporary vibratory awakening of one of his occult spinal centers. In those blissful moments a dim memory comes to him of his divine origin." In his book Cosmic Chants he also wrote the following regarding the science behind the art of devotional chanting: "Sound or vibration is the most powerful force of the universe. Music is a divine art to be used not only for pleasure but as a path to God-realization. Vibrations resulting from devotional singing lead to attunement with the Cosmic Vibration or the Word."

Raas Leela Kirtana's music uses the powerful ancient spiritual technique of superconscious chanting as a way to bring greater world peace and harmony by sending the divine vibrations of superconscious chanting into the ether which help to neutralize the negative worldly vibrations with these powerful spiritual vibrations of divine light and love.

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Raas Leela Kirtana offers professional Kirtan concerts that uplift the heart and revitalize the spirit though the ancient art of superconscious devotional chanting. The audience at a Raas Leela Kirtana concert will experience a greater sense of inner peace and a deeper connection with their inner self by the ecstatic joy that this sacred music brings to the healing of body, mind, and soul. Whether you'd like to book us for a Yoga festival, a Yoga venue, a meditation center, or an intimate house concert, we will provide you with the highest quality in sacred music that will uplift everyone's hearts and help to establish a deeper connection with the divinity within each own's soul.

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